Fraser City Council Rizzo Meetings

By The Peoples Mayor.

Good afternoon,

Two weeks ago Metro Detroit was rocked by the revelation of a F.B.I. investigation into bribes and corruption by local goverment officials. A Clinton Township elected official was charged with accepting bribes from a company that did business with that city. While the official indictment did NOT reveal the company, it has been revealed that Rizzo environmental is the company.

Latest FREE PRESS article here.

Rizzo currently contracts with Fraser for it’s recycling and trash removal.

Being we all talk about transparency and this is a topic that everyone should be concerned with, I sent a email to all seven of our city council people asking if at ANY time they have met with Rizzo officials.

Attached below is my original email.


As of 1:40 pm EDT on 10-24-2016 Council person Mike Lesich, Yvette Foster and Matt Hemmelberg have responded and their responses are attached below. Every response I receive I will post here for you, the citizens of Fraser so you can be as informed as possible and draw your own conclusions.

If you have ANY questions on this I highly encourage every one of you to contact all of these people in the same manner. Respectfully asking questions is every persons duty and will help the city run better long term.




Late Mon night Council members Kathy Blanke and Patrice Schornak responded. Below are the responses.



Response from Mayor Nichols.