Anger Management Fraser City Council Edition

By The Peoples Mayor

Now that the national election is over it is time to focus back on the home front.

City Council has been seated for one year on Nov-16-2016. We all have been dismayed at times with the behavior of the members. After one year though it seems that all some members of council want to do is to micromanage city hall employees whom work for the citizens each and every day.

So I feel it is time WE THE PEOPLE start asking questions of those elected officials who work for us.

Below is an email I sent to all of council this morning asking Matt Hemelberg about his rather rude response to Kathy Blankes question of why he was interested in a minor traffic accident involving Fraser Police. All emails are listed below and I will post any responses here.

Also their will be more emails like this going out so please check back here at Fraser Mayor often to find out the latest.

Time we held those that were elected accountable for their childish behavior

Good Morning Matt,

I wanted to thank you for including me in a email that you sent to my friend Kathy Blanke last week. Please feel free to forward ANY email to me at anytime. As you are well aware by now being you are going into your 4th year as a councilperson, you really have almost zero expectation of privacy in regards to goverment communications. This is truly what we call transparency and it is a great thing.

I was shocked by the email response you gave ( even for you) on a general question from Kathy. SO…. being that you and others seem to be preoccupied with micromanaging everything at city hall and gumming up the system , I thought maybe I could adopt the same attitude and find out what your and others intentions are. After all, you represent the people of this city and you answer to us.

First off your response to Kathy was incredibly unkind and unprofessional. Why would you treat a fellow colleague who is a long time resident and well respected one at that, in such a shabby way? What warranted such a crass response? Do you treat your family this way? Your customers? How about Joe? She was asking a question about a question you asked, which seems hardly a reason to pop off like that. What are you hiding?

What is your concern with the accident you were asking about or ANY accident involving FPS? Are you questioning their professionalism? If so, what specifically? I seem to recall you did the same thing back in Oct of 2015 involving a accident with the cities current tow truck company. You wanted to know if proper procedure was followed. How familiar are you with police procedure in routine accidents and what was your concern there? Are you always hyper concerned with procedure in fields you do not work in?

I’m sure with all the important issues that are facing the city right now you can appreciate the concern that I and others have that maybe your attention is not focused where it really ought to be. Also maybe your response to Kathy might not have been the kindest and possibly you could refrain from that in the future.

Also…..spell check is your friend. Get to know it.

Bonus………. This clip by you at a council meeting two months ago was voted best clip of 2016. Thank you. The peeps love it.


I look forward to the answers to the questions above. All of this also will be posted on social media so that all of the citizens in this city will have a chance to see what they think of this.



Kathy’ email responding to Matt inquiry about a accident involving the police.


Matt’s inappropriate response