Fraser……Are You Better Off Than You Were One Year Ago?

By The Peoples Mayor

Today I sent a letter to ALL of Fraser City Council and Dept heads about a poll we are conducting on F.A.I.R. I will post any updates or responses I receive.

Here is the letter……

Good Morning,

Tomorrow is one year since this current council was sworn in. I need not at this point go into my own personal opinion being I speak about this on my “Low Budget Podcast as endorsed by Mr Hemelberg” ( Clip Below).

Yet being this question has been brought up by MANY people around town I felt the need to conduct a poll on Facebook over at F.A.I.R. ( Fraser Advocates For Integrity And Responsibility) to give a non scientific gauge of public perception.

Here is the link….F.A.I.R. Poll….Are You Better Off Than You Were One Year Ago

If you are brave enough to look ( I know some on this council get vapors about social media and the NATIONAL ENQUIRER angle) you will be able to get a small but accurate representation of the community you represent.

My hunch is if everyone on this council ACTUALLY took the time to study and not say “HomeworK’ ad nausea your rating would be better. If you took the time to ask relevant questions not “where did the fire hat go” the public might respect you a lil more.

This is why a recall is being considered by your fellow citizens of some of you. While I personally am not a fan of this measure, I have seen enough unprofessional behavior on this council to last two, four year terms. The audio and video evidence along with emails ( Matt you still have not answered my email from last week) is overwhelming.

I suggest you take a moment and reflect on why you ran in the first place. Was it actually to serve the citizens of the town you represent or just to get a cool title with a faux badge.


P.S. I am happy to announce that has crossed over 4k views since its launch last month and we are now getting others in the community who are asking to contribute. Thank you for all your help in this endeavor.