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From Councilman Mike Michael Lesich

A Snow Emergency has been declared for the City of Fraser. To assist the plows in their work clearing our streets, please park your vehicles in the driveway during this event.

These guys will be working throughout the afternoon and evening to make our streets safe.


By John Cameron

Good Evening Fraser,

I am happy to be a contributor here at Fraser Mayor. Thank you to Mr. & Mrs. Dogood and Mr. LaDuke ( The Peoples Mayor) for allowing me to join the conversation.

I am happy for this first post to be about the views that have taken place since this site launched the beginning of October.


These are the views on the site since last Monday, November 28th.


These are the views since the site launched.

This is all due to you, the people of Fraser who are checking this site for all the fact based links and news here plus spreading the word.

Thank you for you continued patronage.

The Grinches Dbl Down On Bullying In Fraser

By The Peoples Mayor


Never is done with this crew.

If you recall last week the SECOND most popular post in this sites history The Mayor That Stole Christmas showed the emails between city officials about a event that has gone on for YEARS with nary a issue.

Until Joe Nichols became involved.

Click on the link above to catch up or if you know the sordid history buckle up.

SIX DAYS after the city manager last emailed Joe on Tue Nov 22 and said the Rec Commission plan would be the route the event would take, Grinch Joe checks back in on Mon Nov 28 to say Grinch Nichols checks in. Even though the C.M. said the city should honor the Goodfellows and Public Safety officers with the ORIGINAL plan VOTED ON by the Rec Commission, Joe still thinks HE SHOULD be the center of attention. He is the MAYOR after all. Joe still is asking for his pick of people to be up on stage INSTEAD of P.S.O. representatives and the Goodfellows which work hard in this community each and every day.

Christina Woods who is the Parks and Rec director responds to this latest attempt to hijack this event from the original plan which if you check the previous emails once again Joe had no interest in being he wanted the date to change being he COULD NOT ATTEND.

From: Christina Woods []
Sent: Thursday, December 01, 2016 9:38 AM
To: Joseph Nichols ; Sarah Kelley
Cc: Yvette Foster ;; Tim Tomlinson ; Kelly Dolland ; Rich Haberman ; Patrice Schornak ; Kathy Blanke ; Michael Lesich ; Sherry Stein ; Jerry Brown ; Laura Lesich ; Dave Kubiak ; David Winoweicki ; Linda Stonebreaker Subject: RE: Christmas in Fraser

Thank you Mayor for the suggestion to honor the Goodfellows and Fraser PSO in the Fire Bay for the Christmas in Fraser event. The Recreation will continue with the event as scheduled, which was voted unanimously by the Recreation Commission and agreed upon by the City Manager. We will be honoring the Goodfellows for the Lighting and the Fraser PSO handing the key to Santa.
It is clear Mrs. Ventimiglio should be acknowledged, and we will do so with a special tribute to her, at the ceremony before the lighting. I will add this to the itinerary. This way all parties will get special recognition, the Goodfellows, Fraser PSO along with Brandon Kelly (POC Firefighter) and kids, and Mrs. Ventimiglio.

Thank you and have a good day,

Christina Woods
Recreation Director
City of Fraser | 34935 Hidden Pine Drive, Fraser MI 48026 |Office: 586.296.8483 |
Creating Community Through Places and Programs to Grow, Learn, Live, and Play

Mayor Bully Pants does not like that answer. Tis Dec-1-2016 ,only 2 days until the event and he STILL is bullying and pushing to get his way. Once again…..he did not take any interest in this for almost a MONTH after he was told the event could not be moved to accommodate HIS schedule. Now all of a sudden his CEREMONIAL role as Mayor trumps all the hard work others have put into make this event the success it is every year. Part time Mayors don’t put these things together, the city staff does but not since Joe won by barley 150+ votes.

So what does he do? Get a “opinion” from the city attorney.

Courtesy of a email from Dave Winowiecki ( which is listed below) the city law firms states that….

Mr. Tomlinson points out that you are a “ceremonious head and the key to the city represents that position, and I would think the Mayor holds the power to determine by whom that key is received”

Yet the ceremonial head wants to hi jack the whole ceremony and that must be done.

Joe will take over the stage and the Police and Fire personal along with the Goodfellows will be put into the fire bay. Joe HAS to have what he wants or he will just throw a fit like he does at council meetings.

Luckily the Parks And Rec Commission has a rational adult that can dissect this nonsense in Dave Winowiecki.

Sent: Thursday, December 01, 2016 7:32 PM
To: ‘Yvette Foster’ ; ‘Christina Woods’ ; ‘Dave Kubiak’ ; ‘Jerry Brown’ ; ‘Joseph Nichols’ ; ‘Kathy Blanke’ ; ‘Laura Lesich’ ; ‘Linda Stonebreaker’ ; ‘Matt Hemelberg’ ; ‘Michael Lesich’ ; ‘Patrice Schornak’ ; ‘Sarah Kelley’ ; ‘Sherry Stein’
Cc: ‘Kelly Dolland’ ; ‘Rich Haberman’ ; ‘Tim Tomlinson’
Subject: RE: Christmas in Fraser


Again just to clarify this is David Winowiecki responding……………………..

Through the chain of e-mails from you to a member of the Parks and Recreation Commission, the Director of Parks and Recreation, select members of City Council, the City Manager, and the city Attorney, it appears that you have UNILATERALY decided to change the programing of our Christmas in Fraser program.

As I pointed out in previous communications, I have failed to find where you can exercise “the mayors choice” in a programming change, and as the City Manager pointed out that you do not have the “unilateral authority” to change the programming that Parks and Rec voted on, and best of all the city Attorney stated….”Accordingly, if Council has granted the Commission to oversee and run the tree lighting, then they would be the proper party to set the agenda.

Historically by way of the absence of input from City Council with regard to annual programming and acceptance of proposals from the Director of Parks and Rec (reference budget meetings at the Senior Center and subsequent budget approvals by Council), Council has granted the authority to Parks and Rec the additional powers that Mr. Tomlinson refers to in setting the agenda for programs. Mr. Tomlinson points out that you are a “ceremonious head and the key to the city represents that position, and I would think the Mayor holds the power to determine by whom that key is received”. This does not give you unilateral authority to change the entire program. Since our Director has conceded to your constant pressure, as a member of the Commission I will respect her actions, however, personally I will not respect yours.

In your e-mail to Sarah, (copying only select members of Council, the City Clerk, the City Manager, and our Director of Parks and Rec) you indicated that you felt that your suggestions were a “good compromise to a very confused situation”. To be clear, Compromise can only occur when all parties agree to a mutual solution. That did not occur in this situation. Members of the Commission who voted were not consulted, nor was the remainder of the City Council consulted as the City Manager suggested.
During your campaign, you spoke of the need for Ethics, more specifically……
1) Eliminate backroom deals and closed door sessions
2) Ensure that the public has access to city government by making every vote of council transparent and open
3) Expose and disclose those with hidden agendas and conflicts of interest

By your actions with regard to this subject, this doesn’t even appear as opaque or even translucent, let alone transparent or ethical. You were recently quoted in a newspaper article as suggesting that there is diviseness within the City Council and that there were separate agendas within the City Council. Through your actions and demeanor throughout this situation it appears to me that the diviseness and hidden agendas stems from the top because you undermined the Parks and Rec Commissioners, the Director of Parks and Rec, the City Manager, City Council as well as the City Attorney.

These are my final thoughts.

If for some reason our paths do not cross at “Christmas in Fraser”, I sincerely wish your family a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy Prosperous New Year.

Best regards,
David Winowiecki
Parks and Recreation Commissioner

WOW. Well at least Joe responds much quicker than he did when he originally to screw this whole program up.

From: Joseph Nichols
Date: December 1, 2016 at 7:45:19 PM EST
To: Debby Winowiecki
Cc: Yvette Foster , Christina Woods , Dave Kubiak , Jerry Brown , Kathy Blanke , Laura Lesich , Linda Stonebreaker , Matt Hemelberg , Michael Lesich , Patrice Schornak , Sarah Kelley , Sherry Stein , Kelly Dolland , Rich Haberman , Tim Tomlinson
Subject: Re: Christmas in Fraser

Good evening Dave,

I hope you and your family had a wonderful thanksgiving holiday. Thank you for taking the time and sharing your thoughts, I do appreciate them. The city attorney cleared the matter up this morning, it wasn’t me/ or “The Mayor” as many attempt to portray, question was asked and answered. I trust our legal council to interpret any and all issues properly and give us the proper direction, when needed or unclear.
I wish you Very Merry Christmas filled with the love of your family and gods blessings. Enjoy your evening.


Joe Nichols
Mayor City of Fraser
33000 Garfield Rd.
Fraser, MI 48026

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Neither this information block, the typed name of the sender, nor anything else in this message is intended to constitute an electronic signature unless a specific statement to the contrary is included in this message

So what can we take away from this????????


I the PEOPLES MAYOR will let you take a look and make up your mind. Of course you can hear my take on Bourbon On The Rocks Mon-Fri 11am on FTR.

I am sure more is to come on this so stay tuned.

Random Thoughts Of People Who Seem Mad!!!!!

By Mr. and Mrs. Dogood

We post these with no comment to let the citizens of Fraser see what the Mrs. and I see on the social media sites of all those involved in city goverment. Also possibly to inspire Mr. LaDuke to offer his unique commentary.

Please enjoy.












As always we encourage you to contact ANY of these elected officials and let them know what you think.

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