Ethics Violation In Wash. D.C But Not Fraser?

By Irwin M Fletcher

So if I am reading this right.

Yvette Foster a while back was so dismayed that her fellow council people had no “ethics”. Here is her Facebook post below…….

Yet last month the city attorneys magically pull out of their legal top hat a state law that supersedes the city charter and wahlah, Yvette can vote. Even though she is married to the guy who owns/will own the place when her father-in-law decides to call it quits. She actually believes that there is no conflict of interest or ethics concern.

Yet 800 miles away in Washington D.C. Kellyanne Conway mentions her bosses daughter clothing line on national TV and all hell breaks loose. Rightly so.

Here is the federal statue.

So Kellyanne cant promote her bosses daughters stuff ( which she does not own a part of that company or benefit from in any way) but Yvette can not only promote, BUT VOTE on a contract to give her husbands company back a contract they lost because of fraud.

Who lack ethics again Yvette?

There is corruption in Macomb County and Fraser. If you want your property values to go up and the city to flourish, it is time to get rid of these people.