Joe Disses The Cops

By Irwin M Fletcher.

We could not make this up if we tried.

Joe Nichols trying to slam Maxx Towing by saying the police helping to sweep up debris while the car is being loaded onto the hauler is “wasting tax dollars” You can’t make this stuff up.

The other incredibly disturbing thing here is that he allows a guy from Florida go on a verbal rampage against the police in this town and THANKS HIM for his comments. Yet he blocks actual residents in town from pushing back on his awful narrative.

See for yourself……


When does this end?


Pretty clear now that Joe and his crew have very little respect for the police here unless they are all about bringing back Fosters as the towing company. This is really shameful behavior. Fraser deserves better.


Here is Mr. LaDuke’s show from today going over all of this.