Will The Real Joe Nichols Stand Up!!!!

By Irwin M Fletcher.

As posted earlier this week on Fraser Mayor Joe Disses The Cops <<<< ( read this before you watch the video ) it seems the ever so un-noble Hizzzhoner wants to press that he really does like cops and does not think they are a waste of tax payer money.

Mr. LaDuke’s show and posts on this from yesterday show a interesting back and forth between Joe (Num Nums) Nichols and Yvette (What Conflict Of Interest) Foster.

Post on Yvette

Post on Joe

Less than a month ago though Joe was saying how hard the Fraser cops worked and how much he appreciated them. As long as they are not helping with clearing a traffic accident and wasting tax dollars like they used to with the Fosters.

My oh my, how time flies.

Watch This……Joe Loves The Cops….or Does He !?!?!?!?