Joe And Doug. Screwing Up Fraser AND North Korea. Together.

By Joseph Tocco

Birds of a feather…….

A former Fraser Mayor and a current one that have helped screw up this city are now lecturing others how North Korea is “baiting” the United States into war. Alex Jones could not make this stuff up. How lucky are we that two people who have screwed up here locally can spot a screw up halfway across the world.

How. Lucky.

Seems reasonable

Joe Nichols actually says to someone “DON’T OVERSTATE YOURSELF”

Doug states he is NOT an expert and proceeds to act like one pulling numbers out of thin air

Remember who endorsed this disaster called Joe? DOUG HAGERTY

As Mr LaDuke has said on his show. Remember those who have had a hand in screwing this city up and who they endorsed in recent elections. The birds of a feather DO flock together statement makes a lot of sense.