Attention Deficit Leads To Budget Deficits

The Peoples Mayor
AKA T.LaDuke

Fraser City Council Special Budget Meeting for Tuesday May-9-2017 was attended by professionals of the city who laid out their budget requests and answered questions of the council.

The meeting was also attended by citizens who voiced their concerns.

Mayor and Acting Like Mayor, Joe & Matt were too busy too busy to pay attention.

Here in this video Parks And Recreation board member Dave Winowiecki speaks to council. Joe and Matt could care less.

Next up Gary Placido ( who does his homework) speaks to council and Joe and Matt shuffle papers.

Of course anyone who has watched them know this is typical. Ignore those who speak well and act like they know more.

This is how they act to citizens who are respectfully addressing them, imagine if it was a low budget podcaster.

These are the people who are your representatives in public. On TV for the sinkhole, at other government meetings.

Would Joe and Matt ignore Candice Miller speaking to them? Mark Hackel? Gov. Snyder? Maybe this just reserved to the citizens they represent and pay the taxes here in town.

Question is Fraser…… you care?

We will soon find out.