Reading With Joe….TOSHIBA

By Joseph Tocco

Budget Meeting Tonight 7pm.

If you recall last month during the first wave of budget meetings Joe and Matt did ANOTHER investigation. This time…Phone Systems.

Seems they were unhappy that Michelle Kwiatkowski ( Systems Administrator) had not “checked out” the system that the city had invested in. They had an email from Toshiba saying we were essentially screwed.

Well a response was given and I wonder if Joe or Matt tonight will update us all on what that was. Being I am a betting man I know the odds are not good they will do the right thing.

Thankfully this video is just over 3 minutes long but it is hard to watch as Matt & Joe, shine on each other. I apologize in advance but I did feel keeping the part where Joe painfully reads the email sent to him had to stay in. Transparency and all.

One last thing. Why are they using their phones when the city purchased i-pads for them? I think Mr. LaDuke will have something on this soon.

See you at the meeting tonight!!!!!!