Recall Joe Nichols

By Thomas LaDuke & Joseph Tocco

Let’s walk this guy out of office

Joe has to go.

The time has arrived.

The novel experiment of electing someone with no political or civic experience in the city of Fraser must come to an end long before his term ends in 2019.

We do not come to this decision lightly.

Recalls are historically tough routes to go and always the last option when all other alternatives have been exhausted. This has been talked about for months and the hope was that Mr. Nichols would eventually learn on the job.

He clearly has not.

Last Saturdays Special Council Meeting to hire a permanent city manager was the last straw. This was not the first time Mr. Nichols has been unprofessional, but if Fraser is too truly move forward, he has to be removed so it will be one of his last.

The grounds for his removal are clear.

 * Mr. Nichols has on multiple occasions not complied with F.O.I.A. requests (Freedom Of Information Act) that were submitted to the city since he requested a change of email address to a private, non government email address late last year that only he controls.

 * His shutting off of the microphone while citizens have spoken to council in a respectful manner has denied Fraser residents their cherished first amendment right to ” peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” This is a subject that former Mayor and Mr.Nichols supporter, Doug Hagerty  also felt very strongly about  and sent an email stating this in 2008.

*His general conduct during meetings and off the microphone blurbs (Saturday’s comments are just the latest example) are a constant source of embarrassment and do not reflect how the majority of Fraser residents want their elected officials to act.

We all know Fraser deserves better than this.

That is why we have taken the time to post this today and ask for your support. If you believe that we need to act today and not wait until November of 2019 to move Fraser forward, please contact us today at

With your help and that of those that have already signed up, we can elect someone who is respectful and considerate of the incredible honor of being an elected official in this city.


T. LaDuke

J. Tocco