Matt Disrespects The Cops And DPW In Fraser

By T.LaDuke.

Some days you just have to stare in amazement at the incredibly stupid stuff elected officials do.

Matt Hemelberg and Joe Nichols take this to a totally different level.

First, let’s look at ACTING JUST LIKE MAYOR Matthew Hemelberg.

Matt is curious about a fatal accident that happened in Roseville but started as a theft in Fraser. All emails are as is with all the spelling imperfections you have come to love from Matt.

On Jun 1, 2017, at 2:13 PM, Matt Hemelberg <> wrote:

Can anyone explain why we are paying for a code enforcement officer to sit in on an accodent
scene. I would believe he could be using his time more productively. I dont think our officers
need his help with code issues on this accident. Wayne or george please advise why this is

Matt Hemelberg
> Acting Mayor
> City of Fraser
> (586) 214-8921

Public Saftey Director George Rouhib responds.

On Jun 1, 2017 3:21 PM, “George Rouhib” <> wrote:
He was a witness to a horrific accident and was informed by an officer to remain there .

On Jun 1, 2017, at 3:36 PM, Matt Hemelberg <> wrote:

Didnt recall seeing him there for the first 30 minutes. Can we get a copy of the report for this
accident please or must I fill out a foia?
Matt Hemelberg
Acting Mayor
City of Fraser
(586) 214-8921

So Matt has been hanging out at a fatal accident for over 30 minutes? That is kinda gross. Does he think he is going to get a heating and cooling gig out of this?

Director Rouhib responds

On Jun 1, 2017 3:44 PM, “George Rouhib” <> wrote:
You will have to contact Roseville since they are the agency investigating it.

From: Matt Hemelberg []
Sent: Thursday, June 01, 2017 3:53 PM
To: George Rouhib
Subject: Re: Accident masonic and kelly

Will do. Thank you. Also can i set up a time to look at your FPD pso handbook. Is this book
online or not? I cant remember from one time before but if possible please email it to me if not
send me the available times to read this.

Matt Hemelberg
Acting Mayor
City of Fraser
(586) 214-8921

On Jun 1, 2017 4:46 PM, “George Rouhib” <> wrote:
Are you speaking about the department policies and procedures?
George T. Rouhib Jr.
Director of Public Safety

From: Matt Hemelberg []
Sent: Thursday, June 01, 2017 4:55 PM
To: George Rouhib
Subject: RE: Accident masonic and kelly
Yes sir
Matt Hemelberg
Acting Mayor
City of Fraser
(586) 214-8921

Director Rouhib explains to Matt what happened so he can rest his weary mind.

For clarification purposes of what follows, I received a call from BJ Thursday afternoon asking
me to get Dave K to come back to the accident scene because Roseville Police wanted to take
a statement from him as he witnessed the accident. He was in my office informing me as to
what had happened and he was visibly shaken. He witnessed the theft of equipment from our
city owned trailer and tried to get a license plate number but he couldn’t locate the vehicle once
it had entered a sub division. He returned to tell the employees about what he had observed so
it could be reported as he was having trouble with his cell phone. As he was approaching the
trailer he observed a cloud of smoke and an accident at Masonic and Kelly. At no time did he
pursue the vehicle in the accident.
As an aside, I think that it’s great that our employees are watching each other’s back and that
our employees do not have tunnel vision. I find it’s better to be “slow to criticize and quick to
It’s not online but I am sure I can have a disc made for you.
George T. Rouhib Jr.

So councilperson extraordinaire Matt Hemelberg just happened to be at a traffic accident. Amazing how Joe, Matt and Yvette are ALWAYS around accidents isn’t it? He is SO CONCERNED that a Fraser DPW worker is there he just HAS TO ASK what is going on.

Of course, it is just a coincidence that the DPW fellow involved in this was the same DPW worker that was involved in the HOT PATCH incident where Matt got caught getting undervalued goodies from the city.

Matt is NOT DONE.

From: Matt Hemelberg <>
Date: Sat, Jun 3, 2017 at 8:08 PM
Subject: Re: Accident masonic and kelly

To: kathy Blanke Email <>, Wayne O’Neal <>, Jack Dolan <>, Tim Tomlinson <>, Joe Nichols <>, George Rouhib <>, Yvette Foster <>, Patrice Schornak <>, Mike Carnagie <>, Kelly Dolland <>

Could I please come pic up the PSI disc Monday afternoon. If it is easier I could bring in a flash drive and have Kelly or your Secretary copy it for me. I would like to vet this disc to check myself if there is any reason to move forward on taking this investigation to the Sheriffs department. Thank you and enjoy the rest of your weekend. Appreciate it.

Our boy just does not get that the accident part was in Roseville, but who cares, why ruin a good drinking story. I’m sure the Sheriff dept will love this tale. Maybe you could go with Joe and file an O.M.A. violation while you are at it.

Maybe how about this…..

While you are at the county Matt go into Karen Spranger’s office and pay the fine you have owed for not filing your campaign finance reports on time. You are at $1000.00 bucks and the clock is gonna start ticking again.

Listed below is the paperwork of Matt Hemelbergs refusal to pay his campaign fines for over a year.

CTE Matthew Hemelberg -138785 Campaign Finance Complaint

So what did we learn…..

Matt seems to like hanging out at accidents that resulted in a tragic death trying to score cheap political points against a whistleblower.

I don’t need to go on being that is pretty warped and sick, but he also is voting on funding the city budget and is ignoring his campaign violations.

Fraser…..have you had enough of these people yet?