Email To Council

Today I sent this email to council. Please look it over and consider sending your own.

from: Thomas LaDuke <>

to: Wayne O’Neal <>
cc: Joseph Nichols <>,,,
Patrice Schornak <>,
Yvette Foster <>,
Kathy Blanke <>,
Matt Hemelberg <>,
Michael Pettyes <>,
George Rouhib <>,
Kelly Dolland <>,
BJ VanFleteren <>,

date: Mon, Jun 5, 2017 at 2:53 PM

subject: Disgusting behavior.


Good afternoon,

After reading emails today sent from Joe Nichols and Matt Hemelberg over the past 4 days it is clear that they are not taking the job they were elected to do seriously. They are constantly engaged in political gamenship.all because they didn’t get the city manager candidate they wanted.

Threatening pink slips to city employees who do the job they were hired to do every day over something so petty is even beneath both of you.

Demanding “investigations” because people expressed their God given first amendment right to say they were concerned about the direction of the city and their lively hood is dictator like behavior.

Saying people who have dedicated their lives to serve others and slam them by alleging they are “unprofessional” because they are worried about their families future is beyond the pale and quite frankly moronic.

Alleging that if they were called to your home they would not perform the job they are paid and trained to do shows the absolute lack of respect you have always had for them.

With all the incidents of terrorism, shootings of cops and other incidents acting like this to dedicated public officials is just warped.

Also who in the hell sits at a fatality accident scene to “observe” if city employees are doing what they are supposed to be doing? Being neither of you work in FPS or DPW I’m pretty sure you are the least qualified individuals to make any assessment on the job being done. Sitting at a scene where a person DIED to score a cheap political point is one of the more grotesque things I have ever heard of in politics.

Disgusting behavior from elected officials.

So I too will be contacting not only the people that Matt said he was and make sure they know EXACTLY what is going on here in the Hamlet. I also will be contacting others in town that have connections to make sure that the public officials who are here are on the up and up.

Of course, the F.B.I. is crawling through Macomb County right now so you never know if they are watching any of this. I truly hope they are.

Now that I’m also a front page contributor at Red State which has an audience of 5 to 10 million views per month, I will make sure I document all the stupidity that you have brought down on this city. The Low Budget Podcast just got some more rocket fuel and I will use it. BTW here is todays stellar show

One last thing.

If I hear one more murmur, one more whisper, that I have “something coming to me” I will not hesitate to go down to city hall and file whatever form the very professional people in FPS tell me to fill out. The days of bullying and intimidating are over.

Do the right thing for the citizens of this city or get out of the way of people that will.

Matt you might want to consider next time instead of vampire gawking a fatal accident to settle the “Hot Patch” score, that you just go pay your fine for that B.S. flyer you put out. Being you are not running again try to do the right thing on the way out.


By the way Joe, you are the worst Mayor this city has ever had. I’m pretty sure of that by a country mile.