Joe Disses The Cops AGAIN

By T. LaDuke

Now it is Joe Nichols turn.

Joe Nichols has thinner skin than rice paper.

The guy that to date has insulted residents who have the audacity to disagree with him, shut off citizens mics during participation, had ME removed for laughing during a council meeting and has been caught on an open mic degrading the current city manager and other citizens….does not like when people who are professional question him.

After the Special Meeting Tuesday “THE MAYOR” was overheard saying that people down at city hall better get ready to get “pink slips” being he and the other two compadres were not going to vote to fund the budget with P.A. 33. ( COLLUSION ANYONE)

This was in retaliation that Joe did not get his choice for city manager.

Multiple people heard this threat and if Joe wants to dispute that please do. Guess who will win a credibility contest here? Professionals down at city hall or Joe?

This is what we call a quid pro qou. The only problem is this is threatening the services of this city and with people’s livelihoods.

So some city workers took to social media and voiced mild displeasure. The most horrible thing I found was that Joe was called the WORST MAYOR OF THIS CITY.

Of course, that is subjective but I would agree with that. Congrats Doug Hagerty!!!!!!!

Here is the email exchange. As always enjoy the spelling from the butt hurt wonder of Fraser and his Acting Like Mayor Butt Hurtness.

From: Joseph Nichols []
Sent: Friday, June 02, 2017 10:36 AM
To: Wayne O’Neal; George
Cc: Jack Dolan; Tim Tomlinson; Matt Hemelberg
Subject: Investigation

GM Wayne & George,

The AM Hemelberg and in the past 24 hours several residents have contacted me and made
aware of some very degrading posts directly about The Mayor (Me) on social media by officers
of FPS and their spouses.
I have CC’d our CA’s office in this email, and I am requesting a full formal investigation be
This is highly unprofessional behavior and creates the public perception of divide, when I have
only been supportive of FPS since being elected.
Poor judgement on behalf of PSO continues to be a pattern displayed on social media, as
almost a year ago I was contacted by several residents regarding a racially insulting post made
be another officer then, with no disciplinary action taken.
This has shaken my wife deeply, that should we have an emergency with our son, grandson, or
at our home that some in FPS may purposely delay response causing great harm or death?
Please keep me informed as to the progress of this investigation, which I hope will be quickly

Joe Nichols
Mayor City of Fraser

You might be asking what is my favorite part of this diaper rash induced tirade. Glad you asked. “some very degrading posts directly about The Mayor (Me)

If you really have to remind people that YOU ARE THE MAYOR after all the embroidery you have purchased ( actually the city has) maybe that should give you a clue you are not all that and a bag of chips. Probably being you ate the chips. Like a whole truckload.

Acting Just Like The Mayor Matty Hemelberg had to jump in.



Please follow up with this matter as soon as possible. I will be calling Randy Wimbley
at Fox news and Simon Shayket at Channel 7. Both have stated to me they would love
to meet up for info pertaining to Fraser to write an article. I am forwarding them the
information from social media and asking them to due an article on this issue so the
residents of our city can see what is transpiring in our city. Transparency is the key to
good goverment and I dont believe this issue should be hidden from our citizens. I
would like them to see why I am voting no on this millage on thursday. I will be asking
these news reporters to come to the meeting next week to get a possible story on the
milage for FPD and the disrespect given by our officers to the elected officials who have
to make this difficult decesion to pass this milage. Just want to keep you all in the loop
and be transparent on my next move with this unprofessional behavior by our FPD
officers. Its a shame because we do have alot of profesional officers and just a few bad
apples might ruin it for everyone in the department. I am also going to have them look
into our voulenteer firefighters and inform the public on how our city keeps people on
the force who could be considered not fit for duty and a liability to the city and
taxpayers. Im also going to reach out to the state and our insurance company also. My
opinion is that its just to keep a vote going their way but needs to be addressed for the
sake of a lawsuit being brought forth for a pre existing injury which could happen. But
dont worry I am sure after a few investigations they will get to the bottom of it. Thanks.
Have a great day.

So Matt just said that he was not going to vote to fund the budget he voted on being someone said Joe was the worse Mayor ever for threatening people and their families with pink slips, because their city manager choice was not hired.

Yup. You read that right.

Matt gives me a BUNCH of great ideas though for reaching out to the media for Thursday’s meeting. I think they are going to be very interested in what is going on here in Fraser. Very interested. The behavior of some of these public officials is really appalling. You are reading some of it here. 

Here is Matt contacting city attorney Jack Dolan with his concern and once again another threat of a non-vote if his version of “discipline” is not enforced.


I think we need to have and investigation into why our FPD Officers feel that it is
professional to go about social media and degrade our city and our Mayor. I feel this is
something that meeds to be handled ASAP. There needs to be disciplinary action taken
on these comments being published. We talk about how we put our FPD officers up on
a pedestal of having such high standard. This type of behavior is an embarrassment to
our city. If this doesn’t get handled immediately and no discipline is given I think there is
going to be a big issue with the millage for FPD getting approved. This typw of
misconduct is unacceptable. Please let me know what can and will be done for these
inmature and degrading comment by some of our so called high standard officers.
Thank you and have a great day.


Matt knows all about “inmature” 


So here is the breakdown.

After the city manager Joe, Matt and Yvette did not want was hired, Joe decided to go on a temper tantrum and say “pink slips” were coming. City employees who just do the job they were hired to do, go to social media and show concern. 

The 1st amendment protects that right. Joe disregards that as often as he can being he is scared of it. He does not care what you think…only that you do what he wants. Otherwise, he will kick and scream like a child. A 47-year-old child. 

Also, Matt is openly threatening Police and Fire employees in this city and saying that they are not professional.


The PSO’s in this city on a daily basis are more professional in an hour’s time than Joe and Matt are in a year. 

At a time when terrorist attacks, school shootings, and crime is an issue this is how the Mayor and Acting “Just Like” The Mayor want to treat these professionals in uniform.

Fraser….are you sick of this behavior yet?

You should be.