Why Is Robert Cannon Getting Involved In This Mess?

By I.M. Fletcher

Is Robert Cannon going to try and help Joe Nichols in his screwing the city of Fraser?

Bob Cannon has run Clinton Township pretty well for the past 20 some years and for him to get involved at the last hour in a mess of Joe Nichols, Matt Hemelberg and Yvette Fosters doing is damn odd.

With 7 days left to submit a budget to the state Joe and Bob are going to hold a meeting to talk about merging a goverment dept. In 7 days?

Government generally do not move this fast but ok. This does not smack of a political stunt at all trying to make Joe Nichols (who is under a sexual harassment cloud at city hall) look like he is “working” for the people.

Maybe if you had done this back in Oct of 2016…..

Anyway here are the emails. Notice Joe had to ask to move the meeting from city of Fraser being he is not allowed to go into city hall without a chaperone. Part of the agreement of the sexual harassment report while the legal people do their thing behind the scenes.


From: Elizabeth Vogel <e.vogel@clintontownship-mi.gov>
Date: Thu, Jun 22, 2017 at 3:14 PM
Subject: Letter to Fraser City Manager, Wayne O’Neil from Clinton Township Supervisor, Robert Cannon
To: “wayneo@micityoffraser.com” <wayneo@micityoffraser.com>, “wayne.oneal@yahoo.com” <wayne.oneal@yahoo.com>
Cc: Robert Cannon <r.cannon@clintontownship-mi.gov>, Kim Meltzer <k.meltzer@clintontownship-mi.gov>, Paul Gieleghem <p.gieleghem@clintontownship-mi.gov>, Ken <kenpearl2@aol.com>, Michael Keys <m.keys@clintontownship-mi.gov>, Joe Aragona <j.aragona@clintontownship-mi.gov>, Joie West <j.west@clintontownship-mi.gov>, “mayorjoe@micityoffraser.com” <mayorjoe@micityoffraser.com>, “mlesich@micityoffraser.com” <mlesich@micityoffraser.com>, “yvettef@micityoffraser.com” <yvettef@micityoffraser.com>, “patrices@micityoffraser.com” <patrices@micityoffraser.com>, “kathyb@micityoffraser.com” <kathyb@micityoffraser.com>, “mikec@micityoffraser.com” <mikec@micityoffraser.com>, “matthcityoffraser@gmail.com” <matthcityoffraser@gmail.com>

Dear City Manager O’Neal,

Please see the attached letter from Supervisor Cannon. He is requesting a meeting tomorrow afternoon to discuss the opportunities outlined in the letter.

I am available by email and cell (listed below) at any time this afternoon, evening, or tomorrow morning to schedule a meeting. Do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Also, I was unable to locate email addresses to your respective department heads, so please forward this letter to anyone I may have missed.



Elizabeth M. Vogel
Deputy Supervisor
Charter Township of Clinton
586.723.8092 (office)
313.516.7970 (cell)


On Thu, Jun 22, 2017 at 4:28 PM Michael Lesich <mlesich@micityoffraser.com> wrote:
I would be interested in attending as well.

Michael Lesich


On Jun 22, 2017, at 4:39 PM, Yvette Foster <yvettef@micityoffraser.com> wrote:

Good afternoon Elizabeth,

Thank you for reaching out. I personally along with several others having been requesting this opportunity for quite sometime. Unfortunately, this suggestion has not been addressed until now. I agree with Mr.Cannons comments & I do believe this could be an option that both communities could benefit from. As you have heard, Fraser is suffering difficulties & all options must be explored in my opinion.
Unfortunately, I cannot attend a meeting tomorrow if one takes place but would be more than happy to in the near future. I thank you again & hope our City Manager will be willing to explore this. I look forward to see where this goes.

Have a wonderful day,
Yvette Foster
Fraser City Council


On Jun 22, 2017, at 5:39 PM, Elizabeth Vogel <e.vogel@clintontownship-mi.gov> wrote:

Hello Wayne et al:

Yes I received your messages and I appreciated our nice phone chat. We’ve agreed to meet tomorrow at 1:30pm at Fraser City Hall in your conference room. For elected officials, Bob Cannon and Trustee Mike Keys are attending with a few key staff. I’ll volunteer to take meeting minutes.

I’ll send out a 2nd email in the morning on a fresh email chain to confirm all participants from the Township. Hopefully by then you’ll also have a firm list of who is attending from your council and staff.

Thanks for a candid phone call, I realize we caught you off guard during a stressful time, but that is actually how the idea came about. We are confident that we can come up with some creative ideas that will benefit residents of all ages in both communities.



Elizabeth Vogel
Deputy Supervisor
Charter Township of Clinton


From: Kathy Blanke <kathyb@micityoffraser.com>
Date: Thu, Jun 22, 2017 at 5:35 PM
Subject: Re: Letter to Fraser City Manager, Wayne O’Neil from Clinton Township Supervisor, Robert Cannon
To: Elizabeth Vogel <e.vogel@clintontownship-mi.gov>

Dear Wayne,

Please know that I plan to attend this meeting at 1:30 pm – just want to make sure there are no
more than 3 Councilpersons present. It is my intent to offer my experience and knowledge of a
venture such as this. Will tell you up front this is not a good thing for Fraser.

Thank you.


From: Elizabeth Vogel <e.vogel@clintontownship-mi.gov>
Date: Thu, Jun 22, 2017 at 5:42 PM
Subject: Re: Letter to Fraser City Manager, Wayne O’Neil from Clinton Township Supervisor, Robert Cannon
To: Kathy Blanke <kathyb@micityoffraser.com>
Cc: “wayneo@micityoffraser.com” <wayneo@micityoffraser.com>

Kathy: nice to meet you by email! It appears Mayor Joe, yourself and Councilman Lesich are the three parties who will attend? I’ll leave this to your city manager to confirm. On our end, I’ll make sure no more than 3 trustees attend (for the same reasons). At this time we have 2 coming.

I look forward to meeting you tomorrow!

Elizabeth Vogel


From: Joseph Nichols <mayorjoe@micityoffraser.com>
Date: Thu, Jun 22, 2017 at 6:14 PM
Subject: Re: Letter to Fraser City Manager, Wayne O’Neil from Clinton Township Supervisor, Robert Cannon
To: Elizabeth Vogel <e.vogel@clintontownship-mi.gov>
Cc: Wayne ONeal <wayne.oneal@yahoo.com>, Yvette Foster <yvettef@micityoffraser.com>, Michael Lesich <mlesich@micityoffraser.com>, Joe Aragona <j.aragona@clintontownship-mi.gov>, Joie West <j.west@clintontownship-mi.gov>, Ken <kenpearl2@aol.com>, Kim Meltzer <k.meltzer@clintontownship-mi.gov>, Michael Keys <m.keys@clintontownship-mi.gov>, Paul Gieleghem <p.gieleghem@clintontownship-mi.gov>, Robert Cannon <r.cannon@clintontownship-mi.gov>, “kathyb@micityoffraser.com” <kathyb@micityoffraser.com>, “matthcityoffraser@gmail.com” <matthcityoffraser@gmail.com>, “mikec@micityoffraser.com” <mikec@micityoffraser.com>, “patrices@micityoffraser.com” <patrices@micityoffraser.com>, “wayneo@micityoffraser.com” <wayneo@micityoffraser.com>

Good evening Liz,

Can we meet at Clinton Twp? I would prefer with the current state of affairs in Fraser?

I am able to meet at the scheduled time and want to be in attendance. Thanks


Joe Nichols
Mayor City of Fraser
33000 Garfield Rd.
Fraser, MI 48026


Yup. Your tax dollars in inaction with Joe, Matt and Yvette.

The spin continues and now Clinton Township is involved. Amazing.