Joe Nichols Keeps Melting

Joe must mean all the real media that know he was removed from office for sex harassment allegations and cant join the VFW being he doesn’t qualify although he lied and said he did.

He is adorable.

Joe And Matt ORDERED Back To Court


Remember the post I did earlier where I showed the EPIC Joe Nichols meltdown right HERE.

Well we might have the reason why.

Joe and Matt have been ordered back to court to tell the Judge why they have not given back ALL the city property they were ORDERED TOO.

Things like city issued, police like badges. ( Sorry Joe, no more free McDonald’s for YOU)

They were ordered to turn this stuff over back in December but refused or claimed it was “lost”.

Yup. Lost.

Being neither will ever be elected officials again time to stop playing the games and for once do the right thing.

The Ultimate Joe Nichols Meltdown


Well well well….we have a full blown bubble butt meltdown in progress.

Seems our former disgraced Mayor Bubble Butt is just a tad bit angsty. He has been using facebook overtime to throw a full blown tantrum. Like any good Britney Spears like breakdown it is hard to look away.

Joe first started to lose his mental cookies earlier this week when he threw this shot at moi.

If you count pleading guilty to ripping off a woman’s change purse, declaring bankruptcy twice, telling people you were a veteran of a foreign war but could not join the VFW ( Hmmmmm) and leaving a trail of unhappy customers with your carpet and roofing business…..yeah I guess you could say you work hard, at sucking.

Then our rotund hero took another shot the next day……

Now I’m not sure what “hand full” means but I would hate a site also that continuously prints facts and exposes you for being a con and a thief.

He was not done yet…..

Of course what Joe says he is not hate speech or even insane. He is just the most trusting clear and concise person EVER. Except when he goes on jobs to Louisiana but more on that later.

NOW we get to the good part. Someone must have spiked his cheerios because last night he went a lil off his rocker, and the rational people in Fraser LOVED WATCHING HIM CRY.

Now the first part is simple.

Joe does not like Wayne O Neal being Wayne put a stop to his bullshit antics of coming down to city hall for hours and hanging around flirting with the ladies and pulling his pants up to his his belly. Maybe that is ok in the “restoration” business but not really acceptable in today’s “#Me Too” climate.

Now this is the part where all of you that make excuses for Joe, or anyone that affiliates with people who hang with him or his lackeys, I think you are just flat out lost.

I know it is cute that Joe calls Mike Lesich “Tax Hike Mini Mike” I’m sure Joe wishes he had come up with that phrase but he never comes up with an original thought unless it has to do with food.

Yet why would he take a shot at Laura Lesich. Mrs Cockeyed Zsa Zsa? That makes less sense than Joe being elected Mayor.

You go ahead and show me where these two people who have lived and served in this community have EVER shown disrespect to Joe or his wife or family and I will call it fair game.

You know it never would happen being Mike and Laura are two classy people who have helped build this community. They are the type of people that have been a net plus for this city.

Fraser is lucky to have them here.

Joe Nichols is finished. He doesn’t know it yet, but he is.

Yet we welcome more of his meltdowns. Just gives us more reasons to laugh!!!!!!!

The Return Of Poopy Pants

Someone is cranky.

After a smelly return last Thursday at the Fraser City Council meeting looks like our hero Poopy Pants Prehn has lost his food contact and his belly is rumbly.

Duke does not have to prove himself to this slob who has been mocked and ridiculed so badly he can’t even get one person to buy a ticket for his UNITY DINNER that was Feb 22nd but now moved back to NEVER.

Possibly Bill Schuette is not responding to all of Marty’s pleas to contact him.

Maybe Denny Mclain will snuggle with him for one more night.

Whatever it is the dummy posted this.

Marty here is some advice for all those you come in contact with. Shower before going in public.