Another endorsement.

Now that the depositions in the harassment case against the City of Fraser ( i.e. Joe Nichols) are over and Joe did not do well, he is BACK.

Someone needs attention. Well here is just a taste of what is coming for the former and never to be again portly ex-mayor.

Now that the depositions are done in the harassment case the city will most likely settle to end this. Nichols was horrible and the plaintiffs’ attorney will have a field day with him on the stand.

Can you imagine those episodes of Bourbon Court?

Lucky for all of you if they do go to trial we can stream it LIVE.

The filings for Nichols attempt to have Judge Caretti’s ruling upholding the city council’s removal of him were a fascinating read. What that means is Nichols has almost zero shot of winning this on appeal. ( The facebook posts alone of him ripping Caretti are enough to…….)

We here at Fraser mayor have talked to almost a dozen attorneys that have read all or part of it and they all agree.

Slam Dunk. Nichols loses again.

Which in all fairness, he is used too.

The only regret in this part of the Nichols embarrassing saga is that this appeal will most likely not be heard before the 1-year anniversary party being thrown in honor of the removal of this walking disaster on Sept-18. Details coming soon once we copy the PPP method of selling tables of 10 for 72.50.

Last thing

Nichols is making a fool of himself actually telling people he is making a comeback and running for city council ( or anything) after the appeals case gets settled. This, of course, is part of the con-selling job that he and others in this town and in life do.

Hell, he still has not joined a VFW and he served overseas during a time of war according to him in this article in the Macomb Daily . Gotta love this line…..

Nichols, who said he has resided in the city since 2003, is employed as an operations manager for a property restoration company. He said he served overseas in the U.S. Navy during Operations Desert Storm with a top secret security clearance.

“That’s all I’m giving you. The rest is classified,” he told a reporter.

All I can tell you is that the Navy might be surprised by that. If Joe ever gives us the pleasure of running again this will have to be explored deeper. Could be fun.

But he won’t.

So as sit in Mom’s spare bedroom ( not the basement as first reported) making sure the parental unit is good while doing a show five days a week I ponder this……

How is it that so many people worry about what I think if I have no or lil effect? Also, notice on who he is posting for and the people all gangsta about that.

Some people are just consistently on the wrong side and so far that has not been moi.

So as for Karma and all that silliness constantly gurgles, I will enjoy that battle.

I thrive on it.

Where Joe sits now is a former disgraced Mayor who will never run again and is an embarrassment to the community and humanity as a whole.

Time for a Joel Olsteen meme.


Fraser Re-Tread Goes Jogging.

T. LaDuke

You just knew that Doug Hagerty had one more worthless run in him.

Macomb County celebrates 200 years and picks for the City of Fraser’s representative to run a torch through town, a broken down old re-tread from Fraser City Council’s corrupt past. Thanks to Marilyn Lane ( who works for the county and has her fingerprints all over this) and never misses a chance to give favors to her friends, we are stuck with Doug being our representative.

Forget giving it to people who have done something positive in the city or are the future, like kids from the High School track team.

Nope. Let’s give it to the old coot who spends his time on Facebook challenging people to run at Metro Beach and their ASS into the ground.

Nice job Mark Hackel. Never take Marilyn’s advice.

So we figured here at Fraser Mayor ( The home of where we keep track of what the corrupt ex Mayor’s are doing) that we would give you a list of what Doug did and is running from. Also at the bottom of this post will be the map where you can go out and cheer or jeer the creepy hack.

*Doug led the way to violate the Open Meetings Act back in 2015. This was all over NOT FILLING THE 7th SEAT. Why Doug did not want to do that is obvious, but we will get that in a moment.

* He also in the above article gets dinged for having info from former employees files and bragging about that on facebook. Creepy for everyone else but not Doug and Marilyn.

* The reason why Dougie didn’t want the 7th seat filled was that he allegedly tried to bribe Barbara Jennings to make sure that his pals Foster Towing, got the contract back. What is it with towing and garabage contracts in this county?

Hi, Macomb County selection committee, are you getting a feeling maybe this guy is not the best representative of Fraser yet?

We saved the best for last.

On Monday, May 28th (Memorial Day) I did a show honoring two Fraser Residents who served in our nations’ military and died doing so. My show is right here Memorial Day 2018 Special .

Early Tues morning while most normal people slept, Doug between 12:30 and 1:00 A.M. sent moi these messages about this tribute show to fallen heroes.

Luckily the families of these soldiers listened and disagreed with this creepy ex-Mayors late night fueled by whatever s opinion.

The Macomb County 200th Birthday celebration committee has done this city a HUGE dishonor by selecting someone who has been an ineffective and downright embarrassment to this city, to carry this torch. How you align yourself with someone who is such a narcissist, he has to talk about what he did in the city ( nothing) instead of honoring a soldier who died to protect this country is sickening.

Lucky for us all this is the only running Doug will ever do. His political career is finished and he will be remembered for what is listed above and for nothing else.

Fraser deserves much better than this and Macomb County let us down.

If you want to go out and watch the spectacle of this disgraced individual carrying the torch for no one but his own ego, here is the map.

Get to City Hall at 14 & Garfield at 7:30.

Fraud with the torch runs west on 14 mile to Utica than heads north towards 15 mile. He will transfer it to someone much more deserving of representing Clinton Township about 2/3 of the way up.