Speaking of Stealing….

Will Work For Changepurses.

Joe Nichols is plotting a comeback. What is meant by that is he is going to annoy people that he is a leader ( which he never was) and talk about stuff that was way over his head, to begin with.

Like peeing with the seat up.

Our rotund hero posted this today

Joe knows all about stealing. He had to pay 500 bucks back to a lady that he ripped off a change purse from at a Speedway gas station in Fraser. Here is the summary from the Macomb Daily article about this.

In 2007, Nichols initially was charged with a felony but pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor larceny charge involving a gas station in Fraser, and he paid $500 restitution to the woman who left a small change purse behind there.

A judge took the plea under advisement and dismissed the case in 2008 with Nichols avoiding a jail sentence.

According to police reports, the woman left the change purse behind at the Speedway Gas on Groesbeck Highway at 14 Mile Road in August 2007 and headed up north. She later called the gas station and spoke to a clerk who couldn’t find the money purse. A review of the video surveillance tape showed the purse was taken by a male customer 35 minutes after she left the station.

An image from the video was published in The Macomb Daily as Fraser Public Safety officials sought tips from the public to identify the man.

Nichols phoned the police and left a message that his picture was in the newspaper and that he picked up the purse. He said it had only $8 or $9 and coins but no identification, so he left it on a gas pump.

Nichols matched the person in the video. He was arrested and charged in September 2007 with larceny from a building, a felony punishable by up to four years in prison, court records show.

‘I never took anything out of it,’ Nichols, 45, said in an interview for this report, adding he hoped to find the owner’s ID inside.

‘My intention was purely to help somebody get back what was theirs.’

In October 2007, Nichols pleaded guilty to one count of larceny between $200 and $1,000 – a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail. According to a transcript of the hearing in 39th District Court, Nichols admitted what he did was illegal and the change purse contained at least $200.

So why agree to pay $500?

‘It’s her word against mine at that point,’ Nichols said. ‘Five hundred dollars is a lot of money. But $500 is a lot less than hiring an attorney and trying to fight and dispute it.’

Nichols already was represented by an attorney in the case but figured a court battle would cost him more in legal fees alone. He said he discussed the idea of a plea with his wife and paying restitution.

Everyone picks up a purse and walks out with it. How noble.

So the simple breakdown is this.

This was an eviction, not people leaving in a fire sale because they couldn’t pay the taxes. Lil things like facts matter to most people, but not Joe. He just spurts out stuff and hopes women find him sexy.

Second, this is that the taxes were raised 7 mills, not 9. If you count it as 9 than Joe voted for the two mill of June 2017 before he got his ass booted off for harassing city employees. Counting though is hard for a guy who has two bankruptcies under his belt.

Joe has a lot of stuff coming down the pike for the rest of the year. Just stay tuned here to see how often he screws up.