Romeo Rambler is……….

By T. LaDuke

So I am being accused of being a FB page in Romeo and attacking poor Mr. Prehn.

Well for the record I am not the admin or contributor to the Romeo Rambler. Until tonight I have never visited the page. Any accounts otherwise are flat out lies and considering the source not surprising.

Being Marty has offered his opinion though this opens up the possibility of him being questioned by any number of citizens for something he never has. Proof of his accusation.

This will be fun. Good job PPP. You just don’t know how to not step in your own verbal poo.

Marty Prehn is lying

What…ME LIE?

The Return Of Poopy Pants

Someone is cranky.

After a smelly return last Thursday at the Fraser City Council meeting looks like our hero Poopy Pants Prehn has lost his food contact and his belly is rumbly.

Duke does not have to prove himself to this slob who has been mocked and ridiculed so badly he can’t even get one person to buy a ticket for his UNITY DINNER that was Feb 22nd but now moved back to NEVER.

Possibly Bill Schuette is not responding to all of Marty’s pleas to contact him.

Maybe Denny Mclain will snuggle with him for one more night.

Whatever it is the dummy posted this.

Marty here is some advice for all those you come in contact with. Shower before going in public.

Doug On Joe And Leon.


Forget All About That 7th Seat Not being Filled.

Well ya never know when Mayor Emeritus is going to pop back up.

On Friday, former Mayor Doug Hagerty posted that he was simply SHOCKED that this type of flyer could go out and asked that all residents “DISREGARD” these flyers.

No word from Joe Nichols on if he agrees with the guy he succeeded and who endorsed him in 2015.

Predictions Of Prehn


The friend of every shady element here in Fraser, Marty Prehn, LOVES to make predictions.

So after LaDuke went 4-6 and the Tribunal is ON after the ruling today….Prehn is still ZERO for LIFE.

Tune in next time (any minute) as Prehn makes another dumb prediction.

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