The Return Of Poopy Pants

Someone is cranky.

After a smelly return last Thursday at the Fraser City Council meeting looks like our hero Poopy Pants Prehn has lost his food contact and his belly is rumbly.

Duke does not have to prove himself to this slob who has been mocked and ridiculed so badly he can’t even get one person to buy a ticket for his UNITY DINNER that was Feb 22nd but now moved back to NEVER.

Possibly Bill Schuette is not responding to all of Marty’s pleas to contact him.

Maybe Denny Mclain will snuggle with him for one more night.

Whatever it is the dummy posted this.

Marty here is some advice for all those you come in contact with. Shower before going in public.

Yes We Can


So after the election last night the answer is that Fraser CAN afford Mike Lesich.

But they still hate Joe and Matt.

Seems like a fair trade off.

Watching Joe Melt

By K Rove

Talking with Gov Snyder assistant treasury official yesterday. I brought up how I was watching this show in Fraser from Lansing. I’m sure they refused to remember anything about it because of stuff like this.



Is Saying this……………

About THIS GUY……

Who should you believe?

Keep Melting Joe. We are enjoying the show!!!!!!!

The Grinch Who Harassed CHRISTmas.



First ya piss off a judge ( potentially) and now it is time to screw the Kids Without A Christmas.

You know all those Matt Hemelberg for council signs around town? The ones that disappeared on Wed?

Well it seems that Ole Matt was maybe in violation of some ordinances that in the past were overlooked being he was important or something.

Times they are a changing.

Matt was told on Wed to remove those  signs and yesterday went into city hall and threw a bit of a temper tantrum. 

He was not done there.

He than fired off an email late last night letting the city know where OTHER signs were that he thought were in violation.

A number of them were for the Goodfellows dinner tonight.

So get removed from council for harassment…not cool enough? Now lets step it up and harass an organization that provides toys for underprivileged kids.

Only in Fraser.

Vote on Tuesday and sweep these twits out for good.


Email from Matt below————————————


From: “Wayne O’Neal” <>
Date: November 3, 2017 at 3:10:29 PM EDT
To:, Randy Warunek <>
Subject: FW: Sign ordinance violation



From: Matt Hemelberg []
Sent: Friday, November 3, 2017 2:19 PM
To: Wayne O’Neal <>; Kelly Dolland <>; Tim Tomlinson <>; Jack Dolan <>; Joe Nichols <>; Yvette Foster <>; Mike Carnagie <>; Patrice Schornak <>
Subject: Re: Sign ordinance violation


I also have pictures of these signs if you would like them. Plewase let me know if you need them and i would be glad to forward them to you or bring in copies.


On Nov 3, 2017 2:17 PM, “Matt Hemelberg” <> wrote:

Please copy this to code enforcement also. As i do not have their emails.

Violation of section 32-85

Motor city auto auction at 31065 groesbeck has a sign erected in the easement.

The oakridge plaza also has signs in violation of this ordinance. They are between the side walk and the road which i do believe is the easement. Correct me if Im wrong!

There were also signs in the easement right in front of the city hall. Is there a reason these were not removed immediately? I believe city hall should follow the rules and set a good example for our residents. We should also check and see if the ones on 14 mile in front of the coney island are legal per the ordinance.   Please let me know if these are violations.  If it is why it has not been taken care of as previously reported to Wayne?

I was given a little over seven hours to remove my sign which was said to be in violation. I was emailed a copy of the ordinance with an added section from the city which was made up and not in the ordinance. My sign was not a violation by ordinance but only by Andys home made ordinance. We need to keep the same rules and ordinaces for all. Why is it that none of these other signs have been removed after 24 hours notice? Is it solely just to harass me? I believe for the betterment of the community our city manager should make this a priority so everyone gets equal treatment per these ordinances.

Also wayne I asked if you could give or explain to me the code for commercial vehicles parked in residential neighborhoods. Your reply to me was thanks for the information and the insight. Does this mean as a resident of this city I dont have the right to get an answer from you? I would hope that I could get enough respect as a resident from my city manager to respectfully answer my questions as requested. If you are unable to do it could you direct me to a more educated source on these question so I may retain an answer? Thank you.


Concerned resident,

Matt Hemelberg

Time To End Nichols Establishment

By K. Rove

Remember Marilyn Lane?

She endorsed Joe. Came into office in 2003 ( Mayor) and kinda acted like Joe.

Well after she was elected in 2010 to Michigan State House I worked with her through a state agency. I can tell you she IS THE ESTABLISHMENT and when Joe says to end it, I agree.

End the reign of Marilyn, Joe, Matt, Yvette, Doug, Gil and Ken.

Also don’t send Marilyn back up here to Lansing next year. Please!!!!!!