Doug On Joe And Leon.


Forget All About That 7th Seat Not being Filled.

Well ya never know when Mayor Emeritus is going to pop back up.

On Friday, former Mayor Doug Hagerty posted that he was simply SHOCKED that this type of flyer could go out and asked that all residents “DISREGARD” these flyers.

No word from Joe Nichols on if he agrees with the guy he succeeded and who endorsed him in 2015.

Predictions Of Prehn


The friend of every shady element here in Fraser, Marty Prehn, LOVES to make predictions.

So after LaDuke went 4-6 and the Tribunal is ON after the ruling today….Prehn is still ZERO for LIFE.

Tune in next time (any minute) as Prehn makes another dumb prediction.

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Dino Bucci And Former Fraser Mayor Marilyn Lane

By T.LaDuke

Even though this page is dedicated to the current asshat that is Fraser Mayor, we reserve the right to check in with the former people who held the title MAYOR OF FRASER.

We all know that Marilyn Lane has made some REALLY BAD choices in her endorsements since she was defeated as Mayor in 2007.

* Doug Hagerty

* Matt Hemelberg

* Yvette Foster

* And of course the current walking disaster known as “DONT CALL ME JOE, CALL ME MAYOR JOE” Nichols.

Rumors have been circulating for months that someone in Fraser COULD BE connected to the current investigation of the former Rizzo pay for play scandal being done by the F.B.I.

I generally disregard these rumors being I never expect to win the lottery.


In a Freedom Of Information Act request posted yesterday by Tommy Sokol about embattled Macomb Township board person Dino Bucci, Marilyn Lane’s name comes up.

Bucci is ALSO the former right hand guy of the now retired Anthony Marrocco at public works. Seems Mr. Bucci had in his COUNTY OFFICE a spreadsheet of a fundraiser from a 2011 Lane fundraiser.

Bucci is a republican and Lane a democrat so bi-partisan campaign fundraising. Pretty…..novel

Does this mean something illegal was done?


What it does show is that lots of people were canoodling in this county and lines were being blurred and I suspect you better believe the F.B.I. is looking at all angles of who was doing what and FOLLOW THE MONEY.

Check out page 3 below


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