Predictions Of Prehn


The friend of every shady element here in Fraser, Marty Prehn, LOVES to make predictions.

So after LaDuke went 4-6 and the Tribunal is ON after the ruling today….Prehn is still ZERO for LIFE.

Tune in next time (any minute) as Prehn makes another dumb prediction.

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Dino Bucci And Former Fraser Mayor Marilyn Lane

By T.LaDuke

Even though this page is dedicated to the current asshat that is Fraser Mayor, we reserve the right to check in with the former people who held the title MAYOR OF FRASER.

We all know that Marilyn Lane has made some REALLY BAD choices in her endorsements since she was defeated as Mayor in 2007.

* Doug Hagerty

* Matt Hemelberg

* Yvette Foster

* And of course the current walking disaster known as “DONT CALL ME JOE, CALL ME MAYOR JOE” Nichols.

Rumors have been circulating for months that someone in Fraser COULD BE connected to the current investigation of the former Rizzo pay for play scandal being done by the F.B.I.

I generally disregard these rumors being I never expect to win the lottery.


In a Freedom Of Information Act request posted yesterday by Tommy Sokol about embattled Macomb Township board person Dino Bucci, Marilyn Lane’s name comes up.

Bucci is ALSO the former right hand guy of the now retired Anthony Marrocco at public works. Seems Mr. Bucci had in his COUNTY OFFICE a spreadsheet of a fundraiser from a 2011 Lane fundraiser.

Bucci is a republican and Lane a democrat so bi-partisan campaign fundraising. Pretty…..novel

Does this mean something illegal was done?


What it does show is that lots of people were canoodling in this county and lines were being blurred and I suspect you better believe the F.B.I. is looking at all angles of who was doing what and FOLLOW THE MONEY.

Check out page 3 below


Also check out the FREEP story on this.

Joe Nichols Acts Like An Ass….AGAIN

The Peoples Mayor 

We have a real gem here people.

You all recall the “EMERGENCY” meeting last Friday about sharing services with Clinton Township in regards to Parks & Rec?


Meeting went smooth with our neighbors to the north.  As smooth of course as one meeting can get when you have Joe “CALL ME MAYOR” Nichols in attendance.

Here are some emails that flew AFTER the meeting from Mayor Bobble Head and the responses from other people that were also IN THE MEETING.




From: Joe Nichols []
Sent: Friday, June 23, 2017 2:22 PM
To: Wayne O’Neal <>; Jack Dolan <>; Tim Tomlinson <>
Cc: Gregory M. Meihn <>; Don Gasiorek <>
Subject: Employee Contact


Mr. O’Neal,


I would appreciate that you restate your policy to employee Christina Woods.


I do not appreciate the verbal attack on myself and direct contact with me displayed this afternoon while meeting in Clinton Twp. by Mrs. Woods.


This is an across the board directive, and should be followed by all.


Joe Nichols

Mayor City of Fraser

33000 Garfield Rd.

Fraser, MI 48026




From: Wayne O’Neal <>
Date: Fri, Jun 23, 2017 at 4:49 PM
Subject: RE: Employee Contact
To: Joe Nichols <>
Cc:, Jack Dolan <>, Kathy Blanke <>, Kelly Dolland <>, Michael Lesich <>, Mike Carnagie <>, Patrice Schornak <>, Tim Tomlinson <>, Yvette Foster <>

This was a business meeting and the contact was at this meeting and totally appropriate for both parties to communicate the issues just as Council persons Blanke and Lesich. I did not observe any “verbal attack” by Ms. Woods and would defer to the other council persons in attendance to either confirm or deny this. I do believe that she asked for any solutions that you might have as it related to the Recreation programs or Senior Programs during this fiscal crisis. Wayne.



From: Kathy Blanke <>
Date: Fri, Jun 23, 2017 at 8:01 PM
Subject: Re: Employee Contact
To: Wayne O’Neal <>
Cc: Joe Nichols <>, Matt Hemelberg <>, Jack Dolan <>, Kelly Dolland <>, Michael Lesich <>, Mike Carnagie <>, Patrice Schornak <>, Tim Tomlinson <>, Yvette Foster <>

To all,

Agree with the City Manager’s response relative to this matter. Christina had finished her explanation of the process she would follow
to make sure the children would finish the summer programs. Within her summary she said she would stay and work for no pay, It
was a hard moment for her and within this moment she simply ask if you had any solutions. Personally, she was being polite and it
was clear she wanted to include you into the conversation.I am certain no one else at that table in any way considered a “verbal
From: Michael Lesich <>
Date: Sat, Jun 24, 2017 at 5:08 AM
Subject: Re: Employee Contact
To: Kathy Blanke <>
Cc: Wayne O’Neal <>, Joe Nichols <>, Matt Hemelberg <>, Jack Dolan <>, Kelly Dolland <>, Mike Carnagie <>, Patrice Schornak <>, Tim Tomlinson <>, Yvette Foster <>

To all,

I was in attendance at the of meeting of 6/23/2017, referred to in the original email. I was seated directly to the left of Ms. Woods. She was entirely professional, and the meeting was productive. I look forward to continued dialog between our respective communities in the future, and how we can work together to enhance each other’s service offerings.
To be absolutely clear, at no point did Ms. Christina Woods act in an unprofessional manner or “verbally attack” Mayor of Fraser Joseph Nichols.

During a round-robin discussion, Ms. Woods’ asked Mr. Nichols about his possible solutions to our current dilemma. The question was entirely appropriate, given their respective positions, the topic of conversation, the urgency of the matter, and the gravity of the situation.

Mr. Nichols’ reply went off-topic, at first deflecting all questions to the City Manager. He then started explaining the entire Fraser budget process and his version of the reasons for a divide on council on the current budget matter. It was an out of place monologue in an otherwise professional and productive meeting.

Ms. Woods maintained her composure, and soon after engaged Mr. Nichols in a constructive dialog. The meeting continued.

Ms. Woods has been a consummate professional throughout this particularly difficult time. She is in the process of launching Summer programs for 350 participants, managing 35+ seasonal employees, a recreation center, park rentals, and senior programs, all while planning the immediate elimination of her department, including her own job, while working 60 hour weeks on a 40-hour salary. Somehow she is managing to keep her head held high and her staff motivated.

She is to be commended, not reprimanded.

I’m sure my story can be corroborated by the 11 other people in the room if necessary. If you have any questions, please let me know.


Michael Lesich

Fraser City Council
City of Fraser
33000 Garfield Rd.
Fraser, MI 48026