Welcome to Fraser Mayor

Posted by Mr. and Mrs. D.


First off let me introduce my wife and I. For security purposes we will just go by the names Mr. and Mrs. Silence Dogood.

Around three or four months ago I happened to join a couple of the Fraser social media sites and was encouraged by the postings of fellow Fraserites that kept the community updated on any number of things. This was so encouraging to my wife and I.

On one of these afternoons I came across a podcast called “Bourbon On The Rocks” hosted by Mr.Thomas LaDuke of FTR Radio. Mr. LaDuke hold views that are somewhat opposite of mine politically overall, but I found his segment on Fraser quite engaging. My wife and I laughed out loud at some of his commentary.

Around this time Mr. LaDuke asked in a show that “People get engaged in your community” in some way, shape or form. He highlighted some of the concerns he had and as it turns out many of my neighbors have, as well along with my wife and I. Thus this idea of doing a website was born.

We reached out to Mr. LaDuke for any direction and he has been kind enough to assist us in this project. He will also be posting here as a contributor.

What we hope to provide here is an outlet that will just post factual material on all facets of anything to do with Fraser goverment. What we have found with the help of a variety of other citizens is that we have a problem in our goverment in any and all facets. We are not impressed with some of the very people we voted for and if my wife and I had known the quality and ability of these people we would have never put our trust in them.

In regards to my wife and I, we will just keep to to posting things without much commentary. We will leave the analysis to you and others like Mr. LaDuke.

Any and all members of city council or city goverment will be featured here in both positive and critical light if need be. No one holds a vice-grip on virtue or dishonor.

Our sincerest hope is that you will be educated and possibly inspired to get involved if you are not already, and more involved if you are.

As the original Silence Dogood said many years ago……..

Without Freedom of Thought there can be no such Thing as Wisdom; and no such Thing as Public Liberty, without Freedom of Speech.

On behalf of Mrs. Dogood and I, we hope you find this modern day experiment in expanding Freedom Of Speech useful.

Mystery Council Conversation

By The Peoples Mayor.

Welcome to my very first post here at Fraser Mayor and thank you to Mr & Mrs D for inviting me along here.

As heard on Extra Shot Of Bourbon why is it that any council person feels the need to inspect a tow yard at any time? Was this done when the Fosters had the contract? Also Matt has a specific cop he will always go along with? Also if you listen REAL close it sounds like Matt and Joe briefly discuss a lawsuit to the city.

Listen. Decide for yourself. Are you better off than you were one year ago Fraser?